My background includes graduate work in Political Science at York University’s Centre for International and Security Studies, a one-year travel-study tour around the world focused on issues of peace and conflict resolution, and almost 20 years of teaching subjects from International Development to Canadian government.  I have researched and published on topics like ecological modernization, global environmental governance issues, protected areas governance in North America, environmental discourses, and environment and trade in Canadian foreign policy.  I am also energized by educational technologies and the latest news and information about teaching and learning in higher education.    I tend to be organized and orderly, focus on the inner world, and get energy through reflecting on information, ideas, and/or concepts. I make decisions to create harmony and focus on person-centred values.  All opinions are my own, not those of Okanagan College.

"Without energy, nothing happens." ~Richard Heinberg, Author, The Party’s Over

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